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It’s pretty tough to go wrong with tile flooring. Given its strength and durability, along with super easy maintenance, it’s a very practical choice for many areas in the home. On top of that, tile is a classic look that has endured for centuries. It’s likely your new tile floors will remain in style for many years to come.

Because it is so sturdy and durable, tile flooring has a very impressive lifespan. Quality tile flooring that is properly installed will provide many years of style and performance. There are many reasons why tile has been such a popular flooring option for so many years, and is found in homes throughout the world

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between porcelain tile and ceramic tile?

Ceramic tile is very durable and made from clay.  It is heated under pressure until hard. Porcelain tile is actually a specific type of ceramic tile, made from porcelain clay that’s been subjected to extremely high heat and pressure. This gives it noticeably more strength and moisture resistance.

Which type of tile should I choose for my floor, natural stone, or ceramic?

You’ll often find stone tile cut to show the natural rock texture, with all of its variations and “flaws” (which are part of the appeal). This unique, natural beauty is tough to match with a manufactured product like ceramic tile, which lends itself to a more uniform appearance. In short, two ceramic tiles in the same style will be roughly identical, while two stone tiles in the same style may vary significantly. Stone is also more porous than ceramic tile, meaning it may be susceptible to stains. Finally, natural stone, especially more exotic varieties, tend to cost more than ceramic tile.

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