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Carpet is an exciting choice for a home because of the variety of styles and colors to select from. We can help you make a choice you can live with for many years whether it’s an elegant plush, a timeless texture or a fun shaggy frieze. Improved technology has increased durability and life of carpet making it also a cost effective way to update with a new fresh look. Selecting the best value for your home requires considering what quality factors you want most from your new carpet installation.

We all know carpet as the quintessential soft surface flooring. Woven into a variety of styles, patterns and colors, the cushioned surface of carpeting absorbs sound, warms up a room, and creates texture to avoid slipping. Carpet is also affordable and easy to maintain.

Frequently Asked Questions About Carpet & Carpet Installation


What types of carpet are available for installation?

With regard to fiber types, you have a variety of natural and synthetic fibers from which to choose, including nylon, polyester, wool, and more.

If you’re referring to the construction and texture of the carpet, there are a variety of pile heights and types (such as cut, loop and cut-loop) as well as carpets of varying densities and twist, the latter of which refers to how tightly each fiber has been twisted.

Do I really need the carpet padding to install carpet?

100% yes, you do! A carpet pad is necessary to protect your new carpet installation. The pad keeps the underside of your carpet from wearing against the sub-floor, which is often wood or cement. It also absorbs the impact from footsteps and furniture, lessening the stress on the carpet and improving the lifespan. In addition offering protection, the right carpet padding provides thermal insulation and reduces sound within the room, helping make living spaces more comfortable.

How do I choose the right carpet to be installed for my room?

First thing is to think about how the room is used. If you are installing carpet in a high-traffic area, consider a dense loop pile carpet made of durable nylon. For carpeting a room with direct passage outside, if there is a pet access, or where food and drinks are often served, you’ll want to opt for a low-pile carpet with soil and stain resistant treatments, as well as hiding the tracks from frequent vacuuming. For low-activity spaces like bedrooms and formal living rooms, a soft, plush carpet will give you superior luxury and comfort.

Does a room need to be square to install carpeting?

Not at all! Carpeting can be cut to any shape it needs to be for proper installation. Our professional team takes care to accurately measure the dimensions of each space to ensure carpeting is installed perfectly no matter the shape or size of the project.

Is there any preparation needed for carpet to be installed?

Our carpet installers work faster and more efficiently when the floor is free of small items and furniture. The best way to prepare for our team to install carpeting is to collect items and temporarily move them to another section of the building. Heavy furniture may remain to be professionally moved on the install day.

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