Nationwide Carpet Tile Flooring and Installation

Carpet tile, or carpet squares, are uniformly cut pieces of carpet fixed atop equal size reinforcement layers to comprise a single piece of tile which can be used in combination with other tiles to create partial or wall to wall carpeted flooring.

Carpet tile is appreciated as an easy way to plan and style a custom floor design since tiles may be mixed and matched with a variety of styles and colors. For simple maintenance, each carpet square may be easily removed and replaced in the case of excessive wear or damage to the tile. Additionally, the amount of time needed to complete carpet tile installation is shorter thanks to the manageable size of the tiles. For these reasons, carpet tile is a popular choice for commercial projects.

Frequently Asked Questions About Carpet Tile Flooring

Can carpet tile be installed over existing carpet?

While it is possible to install carpet tile over certain carpeting, it is ultimately not recommended to install carpet tile over existing carpet. If the current carpet requires replacing due to being worn or damaged, the carpet tile subsequently installed will not lay evenly. Something to keep in mind is the effect the increase in floor height may have on other dimensions of the room such as space for doors to move freely.

Is an underlay necessary for carpet tiles?

Carpet tiles feature their own underlay as a fixed part of the tile. While an additional underlay is not necessary, certain spaces may benefit from underlay made for specific needs such as noise reduction.

How long does carpet tile last?

Lifespan and durability of carpet tile depends on the tile chosen for a project. Thin tile may be cheaper, but it often wears faster than thick or heavy duty carpet tile choices. Luckily, when carpet tile does begin to show wear after years of high traffic use, the individual carpet tiles can be removed and replaced without needing to renovate the entire floor.

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